Welcome to Kickboxing Red Belt Syllabus

Everything you need to practice your kickboxing syllabus

Welcome to the Fife Kickboxing Beginners Kickboxing Online Course.

In this short course we will review all of basics that will help with you getting started training at the club.  

The course has been created as an aid to understanding the basics and getting to know a little about the classes.

This course is not a substitute to class learning.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Beginners Course
    • Meet Sensei Craig & Sensei Morag
    • Welcome to Fife Kickboxing - Booklet
  • 2

    Basic Class Exercises

    • Basic Class Exercises
  • 3


    • Making A Fist
    • Jab & Reverse Punches
  • 4


    • Lead Leg Front Kick Tutorial
  • 5

    Focus Pad Practice Drills

    • Red Belt Focus Pad Drills
  • 6

    Movement & Footwork Drills

    • Footwork Drills
    • Shuffle & Single Side Step Drill
    • 4-Quadrant Drill
  • 7

    Flexibility & Fitness

    • Where to Start with Stretching...
    • Cool Down & Stretch
    • Floor Stretching Routine
    • KickFit Session #1
  • 8


    • How To Tie Your Martial Arts Belt
    • how to tie your kickboxing belt (r1)
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