Welcome to Kickboxing Yellow Belt Syllabus

Everything you need to practice your kickboxing syllabus

Welcome to the Fife Kickboxing Yellow Belt Syllabus supporting online course.

In this short course we will review all of the kickboxing syllabus material required to grade for Yellow Belt.  

The course has been created as an additional aid to class training.  The course content is broad in its scope but does not contain the depth of detail that can only come from many hours of direct class instruction.  This course is not a substitute to class learning.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Fife Kickboxing Yellow Belt Syllabus
    • Welcome to Fife Kickboxing - Booklet
  • 2

    Yellow Belt Syllabus

    • Yellow Belt Syllabus
    • Yellow Belt - Open & Closed Stance
    • Yellow Belt - Movement
    • Yellow Belt - Blocks
    • Yellow Belt - Kicks
    • Yellow Belt - Punches
  • 3

    Kick Specifics

    • Content to follow...
  • 4

    Focus Pad Practice Drills

    • Yellow Belt Focus Pad Drills
  • 5

    Movement & Footwork Drills

    • Yellow Belt - Footwork Drills
  • 6

    Mobility & Flexibility

    • Dynamic Stretching
    • Dynamic Stretching Routine
  • 7


    • Yellow Belt Quiz
    • How To Tie Your Martial Arts Belt
    • how to tie your kickboxing belt (r1)
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